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Improved graphics and detailed characters!

WWE 2K18 is one of the most popular professional wrestling video game franchises. Published by 2K Sports, and developed by Yuke, the nineteenth installment in the action-packed WWE game series is a much-awaited follow-up to WWE 2K17. While WWE 2K20 has been released, 2K18 is still immensely popular among hardcore fans. It comes with a full roster of superstars, including Seth Rollins, and was released for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4.

An excellent version of a much-loved game!

WWE 2K18 game was released at a time when the popular game series needed an overhaul. Like Call of Duty and FIFA 18, a new wrestling game is expected from WWE every year. WWE 2K18 came with plenty of improvements to graphics and visuals. As compared to previous installments, 2K18 for PC stands out with slick animations and detailed character models, making all the characters look more realistic and vibrant.

Visual excellence at its best

When it comes to sports-themed video games like Real Boxing and NBA 2K13, WWE 2K18 has become the new benchmark in visual excellence. The improvements in graphics are clearly visible beyond standard player models. The crowd, lighting, visual effects, and arenas all play a huge role in making the WWE2K18 game look appealing and awe-inspiring.

It’s something special to notice the lighting impact the graphics during entrances, brawls, and backstage interactions. In the area of art direction, the developers have undoubtedly broken new ground.

As it goes, professional wrestling isn’t much without its fans. With WWE2K18 download, the developers have emphasized on a variety of fans in the arena. Last but not least, era-specific filters give the final touch to a game that not only looks visually appealing but comes with plenty of features to keep you engaged for many hours.

Improved gameplay and customization options

While the gameplay is improved, there are still a few bug fixes that WWE 2K18 could use. For instance, it can be difficult to control the direction while slinging your opponent. Overall, the action is smooth, but the game lags unexpectedly on a few occasions.

For a long time, collision detection has been an issue. WWE game download’s fighting engine has faced a tough time solving this problem. While it’s not completely resolved, WWE 2K18 has fewer glitchy segments.

With engaging gameplay and plenty of customization options, the matches are fun and interesting with drama and in-ring excitement. Whether you play a singles match, a tag-team encounter, a triple threat fight, a Fatal Four-Way tournament, or the Royal Rumble, you’ll definitely enjoy the combat. While reversals can be hard to execute, it helps improve the overall flow of the fights.

WWE 2K 18 download allows you to select the submission system. There are two different options. You can either use the submission system from last year or focus on the one that’s more simplistic with button mashing. It’s worth noting that the damage to a specific body part and the skill of the submission executioner play a huge role in the submission’s success.

Wrestling games like WWE RAW and WWE2K20 focus too much on simulation. Instead of taking the same route, WWE 2K 18 tries to be more fun. With the new system for deciding tap outs, this installment feels more lively and enjoyable than the previous one.

Diverse creation suite

Compared to other popular titles, the ‘create-a-wrestler’ feature is excellent. Once you start exploring the feature, it will be surprising to see so many sculpting and modification options. There’s even multi-layered clothing, with each item containing a different fabric. Every detail is under your control!

Players can create customized stitching, modify logos, and upload faces to be used for wrestlers. There are plenty of other mind-blowing details that make WWE 2K18 an excellent choice. The idea is similar to the ‘create-a-player’ feature in NBA 2K18, but much better executed.

There’s also a ‘create-an-arena’ feature, which comes with several templates, including ballrooms and indie gyms. You can even use the ‘create-a-video’ feature to make customized entrance visuals for your favorite wrestlers.

MyCareer Mode: a great addition to the gameplay

Over the years, the developers have introduced various new modes and features to the wrestling game series. With MyCareer Mode, WWE 2K18 adopts a fun RPG-like approach, providing you with the ability to chat with superstars, explore backstage areas, pick up side quests, align with the ‘Authority’, and unlock perks as a heel or face.

As it goes with successful RPGs like UNITALE and Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, the success of MyCareer Mode will depend on the writing, which isn’t really up to the mark as of now. Currently, the dialogue between the wrestlers and your character is pretty banal and uni-dimensional. The insults and trash talk sound juvenile and don’t entice you to indulge in MyCareer Mode for extended hours.

Regarding promos, you can select a vague or straightforward dialogue choice, which starts with your character ranting about a specific topic, like how you’ve been overlooked as a wrestler or how the backstage superstars make you feel fed up with politics.

Once you’ve selected a dialogue, you need to continue with four more dialogue options, each of which focuses on the same tone you took to give the promo. When you keep the same tone, WWE2K18 gives you a better score in the game.

With WWE 2K18 game download, the developers have focused on excellent character models, superlative lighting, motion-captured animations, and multiple game modes. Each improvement brings more life to the ‘squared circle’ with exceptional precision and accuracy. When it comes to popular wrestling games, WWE 2K18 sets a new benchmark in visual appeal, feature-packed action gaming, and customization options.

A solid installment in a classic series!

Despite some minor areas of concern regarding controls and auxiliary modes, WWE 2K18 download comes with several improvements in graphics, character models, gameplay, and creation suite. Overall, this installment in the popular game series has been strengthened.

Is WWE 2K18 available for Android?

Without a doubt, the game will appeal to hardcore fans with fun and interesting sequences, backstage interactions, and lively arenas. In fact, among WWE games unblocked, WWE 2K18 game download for Android is also available on the PlayStore. At the end of the day, that’s all everyone is looking for in a wrestling game. This one has almost everything to keep you engaged for hours at one go.


  • Characters with realistic appeal
  • Diverse creation suite
  • Several customization options
  • Engaging gameplay


  • Needs a few bug fixes
  • RPG mode could be better

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WWE 2K18 for PC

  • Paid

  • In English
  • V 1.0
  • 4.3


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    its a great game love it but i think 2k need to improve on the career mode system a little bit


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